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JessicaHynes.co.uk fan interview 2008

I hope its ok for me to post this here.

I am so happy to be able to announce www.jessicahynes.co.uk is going to be running a fan interview with Jessica so get your thinking caps on!

Here is all the info:

Please keep it to 2 questions at the most so that we can get as many people’s questions answered as possible.

Please don’t ask any questions about McSpaced as Jessica has made her feelings clear in her statement and please don’t ask if there is going to be a special or season 3 of spaced.

The final day for questions will be the 17th of April 2008 (but please get them in as soon as you can).

www.jessicahynes.co.uk has the right to refuse any questions that we feel are unsuitable or may offend. The questions will also be checked to ensure that there are no duplicates.

Please send your questions to interview@jessicahynes.co.uk with your name (and jessicahynes.co.uk forum username if you wish) as well as your location.

Tc fm Lou
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